Susan Luery Studios
New for 2014

Unveiling of the Senator David Yulee statue June 12th, 2014
Right: Ed Boner, Mayor, Fernandina Beach;
Danny Leeper, County Legislator, Nassau County;
State Senator Aaron Beane; Re-enactor Harry Green

Senator David Yulee

The Fernandina Beach Restoration Foundation celebrated the installation of the Senator David Yulee Statue located at the historic train depot on June 12th, 2014. The statue of Yulee welcomes visitors to the charming seaside town of Fernandina Beach located on Amelia Island.

Susan's bronze life size sculpture is a tribute to Florida's first United States Senator and the Nation's first Jewish Senator, elected 1845. Yulee was further recognized as having built the first train that connected the east and west coasts of Florida, forever changing the economics of Florida.